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I recently dealt with the loss of a parent, which as anyone can guess, was a huge stressor in my life. I tested negative for all STDs, I paid for the herpes test which wasn't covered, and I've only been intimate with one man since then. We both got tested again in August and everything came back negative. A month ago, I had been noticing a lot of vaginal irritation. Every time I have oral sex with this guy, I get bacterial vaginosis. For some reason, whatever is going on in his mouth doesn't agree with my vagina. It's a pain and I usually don't do it, but I foolishly allowed it to happen. I took the antibiotic and was immediately affected with a yeast infection. I generally take acidophilus to prevent it, but I got lazy and didn't, so there you go. A couple days after the antibiotic, we had sex again. As he was dressing, I noticed he had a sore in his pubic region. I asked him 'WTF is that?!?!?' He responded with 'Its a hair bump'. I didn't believe that crap, but the deed was done at that point, what could I do? Being observant after the fact does me no good. 2 days after that, and while I'm still suffering from what I thought was a yeast infection, I experience the most INTENSE vaginal irritation of my life. I couldn't even sleep for real, and peeing was out of the question. I looked in the mirror and saw little sores spread all over the inside of my extremely swollen vagina. I've been doing some 'Google Research' and I've narrowed it down that it could either be HSV or a severe yeast infection. I'm so scared, I made an appt to see a dr and then I cancelled because I don't want them to tell me that I have herpes. Seeing all these posts has really given the information and strength I need to accept that I'm not a bad person if I do get diagnosed with herpes. So thank you all.

The day I saw all those sores, I immediately went to the drug store and got 100% with hazel pads, lidocaine 2% gel (some after shave brand), 100% tea tree oil, cornstarch, Lysine 500mg, Echinacea, and daily multivitamins. I begin with a bath, clean my self thoroughly, apply the witch hazel then the tea tree oil and put cornstarch on a panty liner. I then eat and take the vitamins. I use the lidocaine if I have to urinate throughout the day and I also apply more cornstarch to a fresh liner. When I get home, I take another bath/shower, use the with hazel and tea tree oil, eat dinner and take my vitamins. This is day 4 and my sores are still there but healing fast. I'm still swollen, but I haven't experienced anything else, no swollen lymph nodes, no headaches/fever/flu-like symptoms... nothing. I'm going to the dr soon, I just don't know when. If anyone has any suggestions or comforting words to help ease my worry, I will accept them. Lol.

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Does the lidocaine help when peeing?


When you apply lidocaine to open sores / inflammed skin, it burns like heck for like 10 seconds, but the burning sensation gradually eases and you can pee, wash, walk, whatever for hours.


My advice is find a good OB DR that you trust, I was diagnosed with HSV 2 last week, I too thought it was the end of my life. I didn't think I would ever have a normal life nor relationship again. After a few days of acyclovir the pain and irritation have went away, the sores are slowly healing as well. I could not have done this without my DR! She has been my biggest support system (other than my bf). I can't stress enough to find someone to talk abt it with that will not judge you and will reassure you that your life is not over! The medicine, tea tree oil, litocaine, and every other treatment available will not heal you emotionally!

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