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I'm 14 and had really bad acne since I was nine or ten. I've honestly tried everything, Proactive, toothpaste, pills, Epiduo, not even my dermatologist could cure it. What I did was used the Equate brand of Proactive, but I used it differently, I only used the step 3 (lotion.) I would apply the lotion very thick, to my whole face over night (Caused my skin to be very red and sore.) What has been working for me is washing That almost completely killed the acne bacteria. But not exactly. So, what I continue to do is: clean my face with regular soap in the morning (I use Dial,) after I come home from school, I whipe my face harshly with rubbing alcohol (it irritates my skin.) Then after dinner I use olive oil to help soothe the soreness from the rubbing alcohol. I shower every night and use Dial when before washing my hair, I apply Oxy and let it soak into my skin, while I wait for my conditioner to soak into my hair (I wait about three minutes.) After I rinse the conditioner out and Oct off my face, I then wash my face with Dial again (I use my nails to scratch the dead skin.) After my shower I apply Aloe Vera to the red (irritated) areas and wake up with nice skin.
It's a daily routine that takes a lot of time, but it works for me, so I'll continue it as long as need.

Hope this helps.

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It sounds very painful to keep doing all that.


Don't scratch your skin or pop your pimples....ever. Also don't use olive of luck with everything else though!


Hi I suffer with really bad spots and blemishing, but I find that if I use oil free make up wipes (which I use in the morning and at night before I got to bed), I always wash my makeup brush every couple of days with shampoo. And wash my face with dove hand wash everyday it works a treat, dove dries the spots out which works wonders. I hope this is an easier and quicker remedy for you.


I recommend using Ambi's green soap for your face

ana william

Yes good and useful for me too. Same types of remedies I found at acne-stop4good

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