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I had this for about 4 weeks on both corners of my mouth :( I came up with a combo of 4 things & mixed them together and applied it 3-4 times a day...I shower regularly and use no make-up at all while it was healing up...and after 3 days I can barely see it anymore!!!!!!!!!! In the next 2 or so days it will be completely gone thanks to my combo of creams I used...I got a little bowl & put nyastatin, vasaline, triple anti-biotic, and hydrocortisone cream 1%, and mixed them all together and I have my home remedy cream for my condition!!!! I can't believe it worked, after 4 very long weeks I am very satisfied with the results!!! Good Luck to you

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hey, thanks for the post though i would like to know how your lips are doing now? i mean does the meds you suggested still work? coz i tried some suggestions in google but just when its fading, it comes again. ive been suffering for 5 months already and i just wanted a cure. thanks. im gonna try your suggestion too.


I had the exact same thing happen to me, I suffered with this for too long & I got fed up bcuz mine kept coming & going also :( so after i mixed up my combo & applied it 3-4 times a day...after only 1 week I saw that it was FINALLY going away!!!! It's march 19th 2014 now and my corners of my lips are cleared completely!!!!! Hope everything worked out for you sweetie!!!

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