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I am twenty one years old, and after having discharge and a foul odor I assumed it was just another yeast infection I also treated myself for that but my symptoms never went away. And no I did not go to the doctor and get tested, I started doing research online trying to figure out what was wrong with me and how I got this nightmare called bacterial vaginosis. Nothing added up, I didn't have a new sex partner and I've been with the same guy for a year. So then I started questioning has he only been with me... Of course so I knew that wasn't the case so I continued to look into it, and I found out that the ph in semen (7.35-7.50) is higher than our ph (3.5-4.5) And me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, so after the frustration it all begin to make sense. I first tried the 'natural remedies' I had read online, I tried the apple cider vinegar in the bath, the tea tree oil, the hydrogen peroxide and water, which all led to masking the odor for a short period of time and no discharge for a short period of time also.. Eating yogurt, drinking a lot of water, taking folic acid and acidophilus, and probiotics, even the vitamins for bacterial vaginosis. This went on for three months. I just want to say that didn't work ladies!! Not for me anyways, I was nervous but I finally breakdown and got VH essentials homeopathic BV vaginal inserts (6pack), it was $19.99 at Walmart. You use it preferably at bedtime, and I would recommend wearing a panty liner or pad to bed, because you will have discharge and a odor from the insertion. I also use the vagisil ph balance wash. And everything is back to normal all in the matter of a week, couldn't be happier. I hope this helps you ladies out.

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ok so i did that and it worked right away but then came back immediately after my cycle!!! I'm so frustrated and now I'm trying the VH pills to see if they work.... Any other advise as this is making me depressed.....

Mrs Roberts

I tried this an it seemed to be working but I'm concerned about what's going to happen after my cycle or after sex I saw that there are pills of the same brand I'm thinking about trying them to see if they can help this is driving me and my husband crazy... Please help us

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