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To do this you have to have a high pain tolerance... and be over 21. I drink 5 shots of Whiskey, take 3 high strength OTC pain killers, then I dig it out with a razor blade. After that apply an antibiotic.

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you are super crazy


no it's true, well the high pain tolerance part. once it gets to a certain point, just touching it will make your eyes water, never mind digging at it, but after it's done, it feels better. I wouldn't advise the shots and pills though, you have to be pretty clear headed to do home surgery lol


What a sad example to advise pain pills and whisky. Such ridiculousness as that will cause the average person to hurt.themselves. It hadn't ever dawned on me to thin the nail. How simple, and more than likely very smart idea




Oh my goodness. Sounds scary...I tried anbesol tooth medication on my was ingrown really bad...but he said after the tooth medication numbed his toe he didn't feel it when I got the ingrown nail out with a tweezer. Hope yours is doing good.

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