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I pray this helps someone....hello ladies I am a 29 yr old mf and I have been battling BV for years but I think after trial and error and 100s of dollars I've found something so simple and affordable that has worked wonders for me. After research and prayer this simple herb has stopped the itching burning irritation and yes that awful smell. I'm not a doctor but I'm not stupid either I can put two and two together, I believe BV to be an immune problem and your whoo whoo is letting you know that your immune system is weak. I say this because, well here it is, garlic is my weapon against this awful disease. And it is said that garlic has antibacterial and immunity properties I've been ingesting two or three cloves a day, please do not take it whole it will cut your throat trust me, I started cuting it up and putting it in yogurt but now I just chew the cloves with some juice to mask the taste and burn. I've been doing this everyday for the past week and a half and ladies no burn no smell but the itch still lingers but I've notice that each day it gets weaker. For years I've hated garlic the smell the taste never wanted anything with it on it, now it has proven to be my best friend. Again I pray this works for someone else. And also lemon and water together or seperate as long as it gets in your body to detox, got to flush it out too. Be blessed!

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Y dn.t u take garlic pills


I am now...I just had some in the fridge and started with those.

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