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OMG.... I have been dealing with yeast infections & BV since I got this IUD but I started taking probiotics & folic acid & it helped... Last weekend I drank too much alcohol & tada YI was there... So I used garlic & it set me on fire & made it worse......... What do I do now I'm inflammed & irritated

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No nid for medicine just detox with fresh juice vegetables in ur home.... 100 percent cured me..all of my expensive medication didnt work at all suffer from dem ....put thoes insert medicine after 3 months im cured:) hope this help u...

Curse YI

I realized that it was my scratching that made little cuts on my vigina and that was why I felt like I was peeing fire. It took a day for my cut to heal. If you have cuts then try pinching or pressing it when peeing. It's gross but better than peeling fire. Hope this helps

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