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My boyfriend has horrible teeth and no insurance so we can only do so.much dental work at a time his gums are growing over the teeth because he has a horrible habit of sucking on the teeth we tried a natural clove oil but it didn't help hot salt water his father even tried to give him an extremely strong pain killer but nothing would take the edge off so I read three different websites n GARLIC was the common denominator between here and the other three sites so I made my boyfriend chew on a clove of GARLIC for as long as he can take it thank goodness he cant taste but within 2 minutes he said the pain dropped he could eat n talk n finally get some sleep n so can I which makes me a happier girlfriend lol thank you guys

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Thanks a lot...My mom was having pain 4 past 2 days just a half clove vanished the pain seriously thanks a lot


Don't use Garlic. i did and it burnt my gums badly and made things a lot worse


Garlic 'can' burn if not used carefully. I made the mistake of peeling about 30 cloves of them one day, then dicing them, without gloves - yes, I had severe burns on my hands - but when used as suggested here, a small piece, carefully applied directly where it hurts - it will burn a bit - but hey - if it kills the pain....


do you think this will help infection in jaw bone?

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