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My boyfriend has horrible teeth and no insurance so we can only do so.much dental work at a time his gums are growing over the teeth because he has a horrible habit of sucking on the teeth we tried a natural clove oil but it didn't help hot salt water his father even tried to give him an extremely strong pain killer but nothing would take the edge off so I read three different websites n GARLIC was the common denominator between here and the other three sites so I made my boyfriend chew on a clove of GARLIC for as long as he can take it thank goodness he cant taste but within 2 minutes he said the pain dropped he could eat n talk n finally get some sleep n so can I which makes me a happier girlfriend lol thank you guys

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Thanks so much it really works !


My boyfriend said thank you Ashley and your grandmother or whoever passed on the remedy to you!


I suffer toothache since two days ago. After reading this post, i tried to put slices of garlic at the pain area and it work instantly. Thank you so much. I can sleep tonight.


Thank you so much for this info!
I was ready to blow my brains out but now, I dont have to :)


Yay. I was trying everything and this worked. Now about my bad breath lol. so worth it. Thank you


My tooth has been in the most excruciating pain until I saw this post! I ran home from work hoping I would find some garlic to chew on to relieve my pain, but come to find out there wasn't any! So I searched through my kitchen cabinets until I found some garlic powder. I grabbed a cotton swap and shook some of the powder onto it , I bit onto the cotton swab and let it sit for about 10 minutes. There was still a little pain so I shook some more garlic powder and bit down on it again. Amazing! Feeling so much better now. Thank you so much !


OMG! I tried the garlic by putting a piece directly on my tooth. The pain is gone. It did burn a little while holding garlic in my mouth but worth it!




After trying otc meds, vanilla extract, and warm salt water my husband was still in excruciating pain that wouldn't let up. We tried the garlic and he felt better within 3 minutes. He was asleep within 15, being that it's been a long long night. Thank you!

Steve khaks

Wooow!.... Thanks for the cure thank can watch husband of hollywood in peace :-D

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