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Tons of Vaseline (no off brands here) and be super careful when shaving inside and around the raised welps or risk bleeding awhile. Ironically, when the skin is slathered with the thick grease, it doesn't itch and, even if it did, you couldn't get to it (lol) Good luck and let's hope it works on mine as well.

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vaseline is not the best choice because it is made from petroleum. that's one of the components gas is made from. essentially you're applying gasoline to your skin. try aquaphor it works much better and doesn't contain as much stuff. i know, i have four children with eczema.


I agree on avoiding petroleum-based vaseline. But, there is an alternative: an all-natural, non-petroleum based product sold in Health Food Stores called 'Un-Petroleum Jelly.' It has the consistency of Vaseline, but is made with Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Castor Wax & Soybean Oil. Much better. It is more expensive than Vaseline, but worth it.

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