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There's some really great advice on this site. There are also a few points I think maybe should be clarified.
1- Wearing a panty liner everyday will prevent natural air flow which may make your problem worse. Cotton underwear and loosely fitting clothing can help.
2- Remember that there is a balance of 'good bacteria and 'bad' bacteria in your vagina. If you are douching, it may kill all of the natural flora. This appears to 'fix' the bv but it is a very temporary thing- and will make matters worse as the 'bad' bacteria are incredibly resilient. They will come back faster than the positive elements necessary in your vagina to keep them in check. Basically, if you are douching, you will be creating an environment ripe for bv to flourish- UNLESS you replace the 'good' bacterium immediately. Which can be done using plain yogurt or you can empty probiotic capsules into the plain yogurt and insert this into your vagina after douching (not on a tampon- which is a foreign object). Theoretically this will create an army of good bacteria to keep the nasty ones at bay.
3- Soaps, body washes, perfumes, and powders all mess with your vagina's NATURAL state- leading to more alterations of that natural state- ie. BV, yeast infections etc.
4- Try to hold off on inserting random things experimentally into your vagina- they will only exacerbate this issue. This includes tampons soaked in anything. Tampons are NOT good for you.
5- If you are able to visit a naturopath they will know the best natural interventions and collaboratively you can create a treatment plan that is feasible for you.

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This may be a silly question but what if I dissolve the acidophilus capsules in water and douche with that. Would that still be as bad as douching with peroxide and water?

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