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Rakel Apodaca

I had a really bad urinary track infection for a couple weeks I treated with cranberry pills and urinary pain pills. I drank a lot of cranberry juice and water and even drank teaspoons of baking soda here and there. My infection turned into a kidney infection and I debated going to the ER but this has been an ongoing reoccurring problem for more than 12 years. I am now 30 so the UTI's started at a young age. I eat pretty healthy for the most part but I found out I do have a lot of yeast in my body and bacteria which is why I keep getting the infections. Today I woke up in pain again and I figured I would fight this naturally because I needed something that would fight all the bad bacteria in my whole body. I woke up at 8am, by 10am I took 1/4 of a cup of Apple cider vinegar. (Don't ask how I got it down) but I was desperate. I chugged it like I use to chug tequila back in the days and told myself If I could do that to my body, it owed it! Once I got it All down I chased it with A LOT of water... I was very nauseated. So about around 10:30 I ate oatmeal; Something light. I laid down for an hour. Got up with a strong urgency to urinate, and sure enough my urine was clear and the pain was gone! I wasn't able to walk and I had a lot of pain in my kidneys and my back and I was bloated to the max. So it's about to be noon, and I feel great enough to go on with my daily routine like it never happened! Thank God... I plan on keeping sugar out of my diet as much as possible, keeping in mind it's thrown into everything ever made. Bread, milk cranberry juice, cheese, meats, etc... I'm going to eat light, often, and as controlled as possible. Lots of water everyday and from now on I'll continue with the apple cider. For the next week I'll only take it twice a day, morning and night. After that I'll only take it in the morning, and probably only a shot glass worth. The 1/4 initial cup really helped big time. More than any of the medication. Immediate pain relief and cure. ( for those of you curious) I took Apple Cider vinegar from Stater bros. It is reduced with Water 5% acidity. And I initially drank about 4-5 cups of water as the chaser. I'm not a doctor but I do study medicine and I have gone through some Pre med. I am a Cancer survivor that cured my cancer naturally. And within a short period of time. Since this bacteria is the same bacteria that helps build up to cancer if u learn how to bring up ur Ph levels the bad bacteria, fungas and all and any other infections can't survive. And for those of u that think cancer isn't a fungas do some more research! I personally brough my Ph levels up with consuming Baking soda. Two, three teaspoons a day up to twice a day. For two weeks at a time. In Colombia there are Doctors that insert baking soda intravenously as well. This also cures it. Let's be real Doctors are trained one thing only and that's, to diagnos and treat. They're only taught how to treat with narcotics, but never taught what the narcotics are made of. Chemo has baking soda in it. But is added with a bunch of other harmful agents. Go to you tube and research drinking baking soda and look at some videos. I know it works first hand to cure all and any bad brace rut growing inside the body. This happens because of the build up of toxins our body can't release. Our body's intake more than they can release. Try detoxing the body through the feet. I did that and black goo came out so I know inside is nasty. Keep in mind I excercise daily. I eat healthy and I'm only 30. I'm ex military and I'm considered in the healthy bracket. If I didn't detox and see what was inside of me, I'd be dead from the cancer it caused me. But I'm not and it's due to natural medicine. Do your research, check your resources, read, read, and read, ask your doctor for help and try and do things as natural as possible, if your doctor isn't helping, move on to the next. And don't ever let anyone tell you there's no cancer cures... If cancer didn't exists a multi billion dollar pharmaceutical bill wouldn't be there, and doctors wouldn't have a job in that department, and I'm sure our government wouldn't be happy more lives are being healed. Reason being is they have a depopulation bill they passed. It's a slow kill.... Sad but true, look it all up. Everything is public. All the congress laws that passed are public...

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Hi, how can I contact you in private? This my email address, Please contact me, I would like to ask about cancer.

Christa B

I agree with everything you've said in respect to 'curing' ourselves naturally! It's sad really. We wouldn't have to cure ourselves if the food industry actually used food grown on the earth in their process. Even the little blueberries in those 100 cal packs aren't blueberries but antifreeze...for cars. The year I turned 30, 34 now, I was diagnosed with MS. I did their treatment plan for about a year. Shots & pills daily. During that time, I experienced SO many side effects, I dropped it all one day when I developed Bell's palsy. I spend the next year learning and implementing my life's new path. A year after altering everything, I was symptom free and have been since. The doctors had it wrong. I didn't have MS. I simply had aspartame poisoning. It's amazing how 'going natural' can save your life. Kudos to you on your journey!

alexandria w

Please contact me in private. I am extremely sick and would be so grateful for your advice. I am only 21 and feel like I am dying
W.alexandria at outlook dot com
Thank you


Im trying to fight my uti kidney infection. Is hard. I hear too many redimedies. Like apple cider vinegar. Or baking soda. Or ginger granberry. . Whats the best results. Please help. Im taking antibiotics but I feel is not helping much.


Please email me I would like to ask a question in private, you seem to no alot about health. Contact me at thank you.

C Colema

If you suffer that badly from Urinary tract infections and kidney infections I would advise having a test to see if you have a condition called 'Duplex' kidneys, in laymans terms this is when instead of having one thick tube to each kidney you have two think tubes. You can have the tubes widened if the problem is severe.


how long did you take the baking soda? i have chronic kidneys inflammation.can i take it?


my wife has been detected hiv +ve n we r newly maried. i ask prayerful wishes for her to b healed through ur prayerful da lord s good

T Dawg

Thank you Rakel Apodaca! I had a hard time taking the vinegar straight, so mixed it:

1/4 C apple cider vinegar
8 oz. unsweetened pure cranberry juice
2 -4 oz. water
1 Tbps. agave syrup

Drank this for 4 days, felt vastly improved after the first day.

The straight vinegar left me feeling nauseated for several hours (besides tasting gross). This concoction, while not pleasant, was much easier to swallow (literally).

Feeling 100% better!

Wendy Gomez

Please I need help knowing what to take for a really bad kidneyinfection ..I been going to the doctor over a month I'm a diabetic in alot of pain ....But I still have it kidneyinfection ...If anyone can help me please send information to my email

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