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Vaseline, Vaseline and more Vaseline (no off brands as they are not thick enough or melt into the skin like Vaseline does when it comes into contact with your body temperature). Use thickly @ night and thickly during the day, esp. before showering & shaving. Use baby oil (any brand) liberally following shower. You will be most comfortable even after feeling like a grease monkey.

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Baby oil just out of the shower will work wonders! Your pores are open after a hot shower and the baby will penetrate without clogging your pores.


I agree whole heartedly, these are the best. However the Vas. can be prettty messy and because it is so thick, it stains sheets.


I heard that vaseline, seeings as it contains petroleum, is more drying on the skin. Also pores are always open, not just after a hot shower.


Yep. Mineral oils (baby oil is the same) are pretty much like gasoline and better for cars than people. Olive oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, etc. are better for your skin. It also helps dry skin to take more oils internally, like in your food or in a capsule.


Vaseline and baby oil contain mineral oil, which is occlusive (forms a barrier on our skin and cannot be absorbed) Using mineral oil on our skin disrupts our natural body chemistry causing breakouts and it actually speeds up the aging process.

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