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I have suffered with migraines since I was 17....52 now. Tried all the over the counter meds, even been to the emergency room. Recently I read some comments on this website about fruits and cheese can trigger a headache. I also read about feverfew and B12. I would get a migraine for now obvious reason and could not control them with anything. But since reading suggestions on this website I have controlled and I believe found the prevention for my migraines. I take one feverfew capsule a day, plus one 500 mg of B12 and I rub Vicks Vaporrub in my temples and right under my noise. I have had a migraines since starting this 5 weeks ago. This is major for me. Oh, every now and then I will place peppermint oil in boiling hot water and place a towel over my head and breathe the fumes. A migraine tried to get on me about 3 weeks ago but it was controlled by the things I just mentioned. I am elated. I have had to deal with migraines for over 32 years and now I believe I finally got the winning combination. Hope this will help someone out there who may be suffering just like I was. I can tell you that living migraine free is a wonderful thing.

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I guess its B2 (Riboflavin) and not B12

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