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If there's a hole in a tooth one can wash it out well, with water-pick, and/or vigorous rinsing, then dry best you can, and fill with a paste made with zinc oxide powder and clove bud oil, this was/is a standard 'temporary filling' which sanitizes, numbs, and covers exposed nerve endings. Such may last a month or two if done optimally.

Found zinc oxide powder (years ago)online came from Great Britain. Clove bud oil @ San Francisco Herbs, Mountain Rose Herbs, or Lucky Vitamin, and others.

Someone mentioned JB Weld...but that stuff has nasty chemical odor (have used it on many things besides teeth), but did find a white epoxy at WalMart that is 'potable', meaning it's relatively 'non-toxic'...but it didn't seem to stay put much longer than the zinc oxide / clove oil paste. And sealing over any significant decay can be hazardous, as an infection may then be more prone to spread inward...

Had a 'life-threatening' abscess years ago...resorted to prayer and fasting - took 8 days to experience much relief...but was able to survive/overcome, with The Lord's Help!

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Same Here I dont play with any abscess I almost died to


Did jesus presribe you the antibiotics?

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