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For clean or cleaned wounds (wash with water, soap + water, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) then apply a liberal pinch of goldenseal root powder and pat gently to cover wound completely...the dry, antisceptic powder will absorb blood and readily form a seal/kind of a scab. Have used this on many wounds, some even moderately severe with great success - if bumped or rubbed so bleeding resumes, add more powder. It works very well, sealing the wound from contamination, helping to hold/pull it back together, while still alowing it to breathe.

Other herbs work too, cinnamon powder, tumeric, cayenne (may burn a bit though), pretty much any sterile, dry, powdered, healthful herb would likely work...Goldenseal is perhaps best, though a bit pricey, it can be purchased somewhat more economically from online sources such as San Francisco Herbs or Mountain Rose Herbs.

I buy it by the pound, (over $100 - but if kept in sealed glass jar, in cool dark place, it lasts for years)

Eastern American tribal people knew of this method of wound treatment, along with many others...such as spider webs (already mentioned), finely ground clean moss, the mold off of acorn meal, (with penicillin like properties),along with several saps, particularly pine, cedar, juniper, and other conifers such as fir and hemlock (the tree, not the poisonous plant...Pine and juniper sap have worked especially well on those cuts which are sustained on the hands or fingers, where near constant flexing makes most other 'patches' fall away far too soon. A dry powder of herb, ash, clay, flour, cornstarch, or a small piece of cloth or paper, etc. can be spread over the 'sap patch' to prevent it from sticking to everything else it contacts.

While away from any stores or supplies, (at least for relatively small cuts, scrapes, or scratches), careful chewing (on front teeth) of select types of vegetation into a sticky paste does also make for a handy and effective patch. Have used newly budded Maple leaves or seed pods, mint, dandelion, plantain...pretty much any clean tender vegetation that is non-poisonous should work...try not to mix in alot of saliva in case 'mouth germs' are prevalent.

Additionally, after wound has begun healing well, adding fresh aloe and/or nourishing oil, like Vit. E help to ease the eventual removal of scabs and further reduce any scaring.

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