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With a wisp of inspiration, tried taking a few drops 100% oregano oil and combined it in a shot glass with a pinch of food grade diatomaceous earth, to make a moderately thin paste.

Carefully applied it, with a mini spatula, to a rather flat, irregularly shaped, light brown mole on side of forehead that had been slowly enlarging over the past few years to about 12mm in length...(tried to just completely cover the mole and no more), as it soon starts to cause a rather noticable reaction of mild burning, throbbing, reddening, with some minor swelling, which gradually subsided for the most part in a hour or two.

Avoided washing or brushing off the tiny plaster of 'paste', which in a couple of days turned into more of a scab, which in a few more days, fell off with the slightest bit of scratching or pulling, and voila - no more mole, no scar, nor any residual blemish.

Thankful for this, and hopeful if/when needed, it will also work again.

[Oregano oil from San Francisco Herbs + diatomaceous earth found on]

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