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Food grade diatomaceous earth (also called fossil shell flour)will generally kill fleas and most other insects that come into contact with it. It is normally mined and processed into a fine dry powder which can be dusted (like boric acid or borax) in problem areas; it works because it has many tiny sharp features which scratch and dehydrate insects which crawl through it. Food grade is relatively safe (though it's not good to breathe in much dust of any kind) it is edible, unlike boric acid - which is harmful to ingest.

Suggest putting small amounts in gloved hand (if sensitive - as it dries skin) and rubbing into fur of afflicted pet. Keep out of pet's eyes and nose...but will not hurt them if they lick some off... and dust lightly around problem areas. (Found an empty boric acid bottle worked okay for dusting.) It's also good for the ridding of parasites, mineral supplementation, hindering mold and mildew, etc, etc... Search it on the web - many more benefits. Bought some on Amazon 6 mths. ago 20lbs for $40 including S&H. (Also sold in some Feed Stores.) Takes a little while to work, and needs to be reapplied several times initially, but is safe, inexpensive, and effective. (Some sources are superior to others - and beware if not 'food grade' it is toxic too.) Can even work on bedbugs! Cheers.

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