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I have a boil the size of Texas on my butt. Basically after I had spent the day crying in pain and after countless YouTube videos and google searches I found this website. I tried the toothpaste thing but oh dear lord that sting so bad so I washed it off and proceeded to just sit in a hot bath, like my face was sweating it was so hot, for roughly twoish hours. When I got up to get out this nasty goo was just floating in the water. I feel little to no pain now and it is still draining after being out of the water for a while which is fine with me. I have never felt pain like I did with this boil, note I have slammed my fingers into multiple car doors and have had other painful injuries. Long story short, hot water. Just soak in it as long as your little heart desires and do it multiple times a day. Bring a book because it gets boring. Another little side note. Eat raisins. Lots of raisins. Apparently they are supposed to help keep boils from forming. A handful of raisins a day keeps the boils away. Hope this helps.

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Bonnie Cantrell

Thank you my daughter has a large risen on her butt i have taken her to hospital after 6 hour wait des gave her pain medicine and sent her home I began to look on net and found this site we tried the tooth paste oh my god it worked she still in pain but it has popped and draining its nasty brown puss with huge hole but is.healing and the pain not so bad now thank u thank u


omg I tried the tooth paste and it sent me into screaming crying message as mine burst yesterday and then closed and grew 6 times bigger today currently out of water so no bath as we are on tank water and it run out before the water guy comes tomorrow and we were surrounded by fires all day in Victoria Australia so only choise was to jump in blow up pool that's filled with bore water this boil is on the inside of my leg next to u no what and currently its the size of hand omg I want to kill myself

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