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Thank you guys for all sharing. I thought I was going crazy that this little pimple on my butt hurt so bad! I couldn't sit it sleep for 2 days. I tried popping till I almost fainted. Finally I read this page and it was music to my ears. I used the 'Abbreva' method (because its what I had in the medicine cabinet. I applied it 3 times a day one day. Followed by hot compress of extremely hot washcloths that i put in zip loc bags cause inhale the wet feeling. Squeezed the at out and put the hot cloth between my underwear and my skin and tried to sleep. I woke up this morning at 1 am in unbeatable pain. I applied more abbreva and noticed a head appearing. I resisting squeezing because it hurt so bad I couldn't imagine applying pressure. I made anther hot compress and managed to fall asleep. At 6 am I woke up in so much pain I that i went to the bathroom and pulled at the skin (like I read on here to do) and the thig EXPLODED! I am not kidding. On the bathroom skink, mirror, lotion bottle. Everywhere. It's was greenish yellowish yucky-ness. But there was also an instant (and I mean instant) sigh if relief and a weight f pressure lifted off of my body. While very painful, a good pain to feel. I didn't have to squeeze much for drainage because I instantly started bleeding a lot. I cleaned in a tub with warm water and the shower sprayer as I didn't want to sit in a pool of drainage. I followed up with rubbing alcohol and now it's covered in hydrocortisone and a gauze. I feel some pain but no where near like before. Thanks for all of your stories the helped me through this!

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