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I have had success removing a sebaceous cyst on the forehead using white vinegar injection after reading of similar success by other using vinegar. I suspect that sebaceous cysts are a bacteria or fungal growth under the skin. Surface treatment is largely blocked out by the skin and the hard casing of the cyst which both act as a physical barrier preventing most treatments from penetrating the cyst. I also used magnoplasm/ichtamol to soften up the area at one stage, however it was the vinegar injection that had rapid results significantly reducing the cyst size in a couple of days. Appropriate care needs to be taken when injecting vinegar. Only inject a very small amount directly into the cyst, otherwise swelling of the surrounding area may result. Dietary change is also advisable to avoid formation of other sebaceous cysts (increase iodine, reduce gluten, reduce refined sugar for a start...). Good luck!!!

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Man oh man please take this down. Not trying to be mean or crappy to you but injecting vinegar into any part of your body is stupid and dangerous.just because you lived through it doesnt mean its a good idea.any tine you put a hole in your shin,bacteria have a way in.vinegar is acidic. Also my friend sebacious cysts unless infected are keratin basically.same stuff skin hair and nails are made of.


Dietary change for sure. I find when I eat a lot of sugar and dairy, I can almost guarantee a cyst. This last one on my eye did it. I'm starting a healthy diet that will exclude these from my diet. But gosh, don't do that again, don't shoot anything into your skin, unless your a doctor by profession. You got lucky that didn't become infected.


Daniel, Is not working anymore. Could you please advise about this ointment?


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