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This suggestion is more to prevent migraines, not treat them once they've started. I worked hard to identify my triggers and found that artificial sweeteners of any kind trigger. I now use agave nectar and those migraines are gone. I still get wicked migraines from fragrances. If any of you are using any kind of scented personal products such as body wash, lotion, perfumes, soaps, etc, stop using those and see if the migraines stop. Plug in air fresheners trigger me also, and some folks are bothered by scented laundry products and scented candles. Basically anything perfumed or scented, remove it from your environment. Tried beta blockers & Topamax and neither worked and both had awful side effects. Neurologist wasn't much help, kept wanted to put me on stronger and stronger drugs, so I fired him and focused on identifying my triggers and that is how I manage the migraines. Hope someone finds this helpful!

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It's the artificial sweeteners for me as well! I just spent the past 3 days in urgent cares and ER's. I've narrowed it down! I'm going to try that sweetener! Thank you!

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