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I have been experiencing Vertigo since Sunday. Absolutely awful!! Been in my PJ's the whole time. Felt like I was going to get swallowed up into the middle of the bed from the crazy motion sensations. Sniffing Alcohol pads totally helps with the nausea, learned that from a nurse after surgery. Benadryl has helped my head feel somewhat calm. I was prescribed an antibiotic since I had a head cold prior to this awfulness. Also, I was prescribed Mechlazine, an anti nausea medication, it is not over the counter strength. My sister in law told me that she had Vertigo and had done the whole different Dr route including Chiropractor, GP and Ear Dr, she said the only thing that worked for her was Flavonoids, not the generic type. So, I have added that to the list of remedies. I found also that in the mornings if I covered one eye with my hand for about 20 seconds then the other eye and did that several times, then count the same amount of time looking straight ahead really helped to level things. Hope this helps anyone out there with this terrible problem!
God Bless you all

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Take a benedryl. It really worked.. In an hour you will feel great.


I too started out with a sinus infection that apparently turned into a double bilateral ear infection (the ones you don't know you have) and had a vertigo attack with vomiting and headache. Its a week later and I still can't remove myself from the couch. The double vision first thing of the mornings are terrifying! They assure me this will pass but my confidence is dwindling quickly. They gave me Valium for the dizzyness and a antibiotic. I'm scheduled for MRI in a couple days. I think I'm going to try the benadryl anything is worth a shot the way I feel right now.


this is my second bout of vertigo in three years first lot lasted 18 months.
Ive now had the second bout for two weeks nothing they give me to take will get rid of the what i called foggy head which i have all the time the dizziness is coming and going.

I have two young children and work as a support worker but i have now been signed off as i cant drive.

if anyone can give me any suggestions on what to try just to lift this foggy head would be much appreciated

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