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There is no actual way to get rid of a canker sore one it starts to form that I have found, but here is how I prevent them and make them heal a lot faster and have way less pain. I have tried various things and nothing works except for what I'm about to tell you. To prevent them: Avoid things with high amounts of Citric Acid in them best as you can. You can tell if there is a lot by reading ingredients. If Citric Acid is one of the first few things listed, it has a lot of it in it. If you do drink something like soda, try to also have water to drink to dilute it (take a drink of soda and immediately a drink of water and swish the water around in your mouth). Most of the time that will work, as ridiculous as it sounds. If you do get a canker sore (yes, you probably still will), take a vitamin B complex supplement daily and avoid anything with citric acid in it (this includes Milk-- milk has Citric Acid in it even though it is not listed on the ingredients, and it breaks down as the milk ages-- the fresher the milk the higher the content). Taking vitamin B complex will reduce the pain of the canker sore and speed the healing process. You can also take 3-4 200mg Ibuprofen tablets every 6 hours daily to help relieve the pain.

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