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After an old metal filling cracked, leaving me with a raw, exposed nerve & days before I could see the dentist, I was suffering with pains reaching a 20+ on a scale of 1-10 (& I have a pretty high tolerance for pain). And, of course, the pain was most unbearable in the middle of the night.

After trying some of these home remedies with no result (the black pepper made my lips swell & chin break out, the heating pad made the pain worse and, again, turned my skin bright red, & the vanilla extract almost made me vomit), I was exhausted, starving, & in tears from the pain.

I gave in to hunger, tho worried about the pain from biting anything & any shock from cold, and had warm applesauce with cinnamon. After that, my pain wasn't gone, but it was more tolerable.

After eating, I brushed my teeth & went to use some mouthwash, only to find that it's a supposed germ killing brand. I don't think I've ever been so excited to see the claims 'antiseptic' before! I swished verrrry gently with a mouthful, holding it as best I could over the sore spot &, finally, the pain was gone!!

I took more Tylenol, to be on the safe side, and I fell right to sleep. Since then, the pain is almost nonexistent but, when I do feel it, I reach for the mouthwash right away for almost instant relief.

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Thank you very much for your post. I was just in extreme pain from a broken tooth and about to go to the emergency room. I tried mouthwash on my tooth for a minute and all the pain went away instant. Very thankful for your post. Saved me a few hundred at the emergency room tonight ;)

Lisa Clow

I want to thank you for your hint about the mouthwash. The pain is not gone but it's tolerable. I live 35miles away from the nearest store. Thank God my roommate had Listerine! Happy Thanksgiving!


I want to start off by saying, THANK YOU!! I have been in excruciating pain for the pass 3+ hours or so and my dentist appt ain't till Monday morning...I can't wait that long but yet cannot afford a trip to the ER for the pain. I googled quick home remedies and found your post to rinse with mouthwash. This definitely worked for me and I think I can have at least a decent nights rest now. Once again thank you so much!

Karlo GB

Good god that worked! I was about to snap my own neck when I read your post, since mouthwash was the only thing available here in my house out of all the others I rushed to the bathroom and threw back a cap of mouthwash, just as you said I held it over the affected area as long as I could. After rinsing the pain doubled for about 2 seconds then quickly faded away. I just want to post this comment so that people cud do the same and hopefully have relief. Totally works!


I was ready for the ER until i found this. Relief is almost instant but temperary but ill take it over nothing. Thank you for posting this.

tripple e

thank you so much it worked on contact


Thank you Thank you Thank you. Would have never guessed to use mouth wash! Your a life saver!


I used listerine two in one whitening and NOTHING. Sure enough found a bottle of listerine that said ANTISEPTIC!! Did as you directed, even after swishing oral lidocaine, hot/cold compresses, and very many tylenol this has had a tremendous temporary relief on my tooth!


When participating in any remedies, please be careful when taking medicine and going to sleep.


Went to Walgreens and bought the mouth wash but got synsidine toothpaste and travel did all three and now I'm pain free for now ty for the advice

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