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J. D.

In the 50's there was an athlete's foot medication called Jim Wade's Athlete's Foot medicine. Almost all the ball players in high school had a case of AF or jock itch. The stuff worked wonders, usually one treatment, but is now discontinued. The ingredients were salicylic acid, acetone, alcohol and something else. I've made my own by dissolving 5 aspirin (the salicylic acid) in 2 T. fingernail polish remover (acetone) and 2 T. alcohol. Forget the other ingredient in the Jim Wade. Let it sit for a day or so then apply to affected areas. This clears my AF up in one treatment.

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Jim Wade was a miracle for Athlete's foot. I have looked intently for it with no avail. We had a bottle of it that we were keeping to the last drop, but it is gone, and nothing has worked like it since. I can't wait to try your recipe. Thank you for sharing...can't wait to see if it works.

Ann Goss

Pse tell me what type of alcohol - medicinal or just from the booze cabinet? My husband has suffered from athletes foot for ages and is desparate for a cure. Thankyou


i dont know if you have combiderm cream or candibec cream in your country


Thank you for ingred. Will try!! My dad used it in the 1950's for himself and us, kids. It worked wonders with one use. It was a liquid you swabbed on athlete's foot, then a day or two later the outer layer of your skin peeled, painlessly, and you were cured. I hate these new products you have to use for weeks.


Hi would that be tablespoon or teaspoon as I've tried everything even drs prescriptions thanks


Yes, this really works. Use regular isopropyl alcohol and any kind of finger nail polish remover. The main problem in using this is the intense pain of burning, and I do mean intense. You think you are going to die from it for a few minutes, but it slowly gets better. The rawer the area is to which it is applied, the worse the burn. I have use it for both jock itch and athlete's foot, both with great pain and great relief. Once you get past the pain, the problem clears up quickly....within a couple of days.

Mama of 2 boys

Did the Jim Wade's stuff burn like that also?


I recently got the athlete's foot and willing to try this remedy. T for tablespoon or teaspoon and how many time you need to do it.

Itchy foot

A capital T usually means a Tablespoon. So, that is what I used (tablespoons). I did my first treatment today. So, too soon to know if it's going to work, but it did seem to take the edge off of the itching. Will post again with results.


The Jim Wade company was in Shreveport, La. I remember a story from my childhood when everyone used it on everything. A woman with cataracts got up in the night and grabbed the Jim Wade instead of her eye drops. She put it in her eye and of course she lit up like and oilfield fire. Next morning, the cataracts were gone and her vision was perfect. The Jim Wade had burned them off!

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