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This remedy you can easily make at home.
Required:Black pepper(powdered 1 tablespoon),Honey(2 tablespoon),Black salt(1/4 spoon),Mint(pudina)dried and powdered(just half tablespoon),Licorice(Malathi (50gm powdered)),fresh ginger juice(grind ginger and soak it properly to make juice),Manakka(50 gm)(big sized raisin),Banaksha(30 gm(can get from herbal store)),Magha(30gm).(roast on pan and make it powdered)

Note:This medicine is for cold, cough and constipation

Take a bowl.
1.put 1 spoon black pepper,2 spoon honey,ginger juice ,manakka(soak it in water ,make a paste and than add it),banaksha(boil it in water, soak it till it remain 2-3 spoon and add it in mixture),add malathi powder,little pinch of mint,magha powder.
2.mix it properly and store it.
you can use this medicine for next 6 months .
just take small spoon of medicine and drink warm water over it or tea.

You will feel better in just 2 days.

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if we don't get banaksha in any herbal store ,then what.....?


Easily made at home with the ingredients you mentioned? Are you kidding?

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