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I've had Acid Reflux all my life. Couple that with colic and night terrors, I was a difficult baby. My mother didn't really know how to make the pain stop, so as I grew up, I suffered with it and moved on. Recently it's gotten a lot worse, and I needed help. Which is how I found this website. Anyway, enough with the silly backstory...

I was very skeptical of some of the solutions on here, but for quick relief, I've found that laying on my left side really works. Immediate relief from the burning. If its late at night or you're just laying around the house, I suggest this. :)

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Dark Spots on my Lower Lip HELP?A lil history: Im 20. Smoked since i was 14. I'm arcfian. Recently Quit smoking. Developed some kind of dark spots right under the skin on my lower lip on the right side and I can see some lighter ones across my lip goin to the left. I've had em for a couple years and they haven't progressed. They're just real irritating. I strongly think they're from cigarette smoking. I've heard about applying lemon juice to the lip but how long before this takes effect?(haven't started yet)Its not freckles, sunspots, or cancer. Anyone have like this and what about the lemon juice thing?Products to use for lightening up the spots to get my original color?

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