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From an experienced consultant gynaecologist.
I am a medical student and i sat in so many clinics and saw many patients with this problem, where antibiotics only cures it temporarily, and it all just comes back. What he tells his patients is:

1) Buy a tub of greek yogurt. (original flavoured)- LOL flavoured ones are just weird to use haha!
2) Dip a tampon into the yogurt
3) insert yogurt covered tampon into the vagina for few hours.
4) wash well. Repeat if necessary.

The theory behind this is yogurt has plenty of lactobacillus. Bacteria Vaginosis is caused by lack of this good bacteria, and other annoying bacteria takes over to produce the smell.

Try this and let me know how it goes. I hope it helps! =)

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I have been doing this now for 3 days and I have noticed a HUGE difference. I have done it twice a day and I also do not use any body washes, or soap to clean my vagina. I use hydrogen peroxide to wash my with.


Most random question ever because somehow its just not processing in my brain at 4:20am, how the heck do you wash well, if its still inside you? do you douche it out or just wash well on the outs?

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