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Big Ed

Tooth aches. Nothing worse than that pain. Here is what I use to relieve the pain. ANY Sensodyne tooth paste works awesome. Place glob of paste on area in mouth where the pain is, and it goes away. Another great product is Orajel's mouth wash for mouth sores. Use both of these products, and you don't have to go see a Dentist.

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I just tried the Sensodyne on my toothache and finally I have some relief. It worked instantly - Thank you very much for posting this remedy :)


I'm trying this remedy now still waiting seem like a lil relief... thankz!!!


Hello I have a toothache where my feeling is St been having this for a decade tooth is decaying where my feeling is..right NW my tooth is killing me can someone give me SN idea please


I had a toothache and rubbed some sensodyne toothpaste on the area that was in pain and it worked no more aching pain


This's is wow!!! awesome at lease l can sleep.Thank you so much for posting.


This's is wow!!! awesome at least l can sleep.Thank you so much for posting.


Thank God for you guys for the sensodyne toothpaste remedy..been having two toothaches and sensodyne absolutely works. I put a glob of it on a cotton ball

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