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So here goes, these remedies actually came from a holistic dentist and they do work. Pain comes from infection so use natural clove oil (from a health food sorce). It is strong but put some on a Qtip and dilute with a little water. Then apply only to hole in tooth and immediate surrounding gum. Might burn slightly but really helps with pain and infection. Along with, take high doses of odorless garlic pills. Don't use them sparingly, take about 10,000 mg or so before bed and then take sporadically throughout the day. Garlic is safe. The key is once you get the infection and pain down to keep with using both remedies daily in smaller and less frequent doses to ward off the infections return until you can get the tooth fixed.

Sounds crazy but it helped me when I had a chipped tooth for long time because I couldn't afford a trip to the DDS. :) Good luck!

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