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I tried otc meds, which were a waste of $. Tried most of the remedies on this site and others. Waste of just got worse. Then, started soaking my foot in ocean water twice a day and put mentholatum ointment/rub on it overnight and saw results immediately. Continued this routine and 5 days later the soreness is gone, no itch or burn, no mini blisters anymore! The color went from deep red, almost purple, to light pink. Healing more each day!

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My husband is diabetic and has his feet checked everytime he goes to the endocrinologist. She told him that if his toenails start to yellow (which is caused by a fungus) to put some mentholatum on it and it will go away. Not sure how often to put it on, nor if it needs to be washed off after how long of a time, but she is a doctor, so I trust her opinion.

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