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I am disgusted with my self but I'm using Apple Cider Vinegar right now and it seems to be as good as the Podofilox my doctor prescribed. Both will make the warts turn brown and harden to scabs. I spent $150 on the doctor/RX and I found the ACV in my kitchen so if you're a guy, try this first perhaps if you're embarrassed. I soaked toilet paper in ACV and left on my shaft. It will get a lot worse before it gets better but try it and good luck.

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I just find out week ago and was shock do death didn't know wat was is I'm scared real scared I went to the hospital first n was so so embarased they were loughing at me the nurses I'm not even focusing at work the only thing I think about is this I'm running way from my bf too always having ecsuses to sleep with him its affecting my relationship I'm in south africa what can I do do get help can they cure in hospital


The money I spent in dr. visits and the cream he gave me I had to spend $700 every time I wanted to pick up my cream. GW sucks so bad! I was 18 when I found out and did nothing but cry my eyes out for days, I didn't bounce back to my old self until months later. There are still times when I lye in bed and cry in shame, disgust, sometimes pain. I have had warts down there for years and just now trying out acv. I think it's working I was trying to use a q.tip for a few days but last night was the first time I could take the pain to sleep with ( not so bad if you sleep with our legs up in the air ) I can't wait to kill all of them

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