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Thanks to all who suggested the Red Cross Toothache kit. I had #14 extracted at a dental school 2 hrs away from my home 5days ago so there was no easy way to go back there to have it examined. The tooth had had a root canal so it was a bugger to get out in pieces. My pain woke me up at night every night since the tooth was removed. I don't smoke but I am a mouth breather which I can control in the day but not at night so I think at night the tissue dries out which increases pain. Anyhow the homemade clove olive oil paste helped briefly but the 4:30 am run to walgreens and use of the Red Cross kit allowed me to sleep solidly. Wish the clinic had suggested this stuff.

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I live in uk, so we do not have this store, but based on your post I am going to buy clove oil and gauze. Thank you so much. I have had enough of this pain and just want some relief x


tooth ache kit or oral pain relief kit?


I was really impressed with pain reduction with use of red cross kit from walgreens. also, I had started with gargling with warm salt water, an ti-inflammatory and pain meds I was given by dentist, thanks for mentioning red cross kit

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