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Omg bv has got to be theee worst thing ever for a female..who the EFF would want there female parts to smell soo is a very emberassing topic to discuss with anyone even your doctor and it has nothing to do with your hygeine because I wash up everyday and still smell nasty...anyways my bv all started after I had my first and only daughter she is almost 2 now I was 20 when I had her now im 22 still battling this shameful bv shit excuse my language,when I first start getting these symptoms I had no idea what this nasty discharge was I just thought hot showers and soap would take care of this problem as they did before when my vajaja was normal boy did I think wrong I had no idea that my girl parts could be so irritating and emberassing...anyways to make a long story short me and this guy have been dating for almost 2 years and its been a ongoing issue but he must really like me because he still wants go be around me even though I have this situation going on, just last week when we where having sex I had to tell him I felt so uncomfortable doing it because that smell was even a turn off for me I had to explain to him what was going on with my vag, he took it well and was very understanding he told me we can wait until we have sex again until I get this problem fixed...but I feel like im losing him also because were not having sex its only been about a week since we did it but I feel like he is distancing his self from me...and to be honest what guy is gonna wanna be with a girl that he is not having sex with it seems to me like he would just go find another girl to have sex with and that hurt me the most I dont wanna lose him...anyways im currently taking tons of pills folic acid,boric acid, acidophilus capsules, I recently just purchased some extra virgin organic coconut this seems to be helping with the smell...lord knows I love for my body to be clean I remember them days guys would tell me I had no smell on my pussy but water I just wish my old vaginal would come back, when I could have sex and and just enjoy every second of it...ladies wish me luck on finding a permanent remedy:) god bless all you brave and beautiful ladies with sharing your stories.

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I definitely know what you're going through, I am 32 years old and have been dealing with this problem off and on for the past 7 years. Antibiotics will get rid of it and then a week later it will be back. I am so happy that I found this site. After reading all the posts I decided to try douching with half hydrogen peroxide and half distiller water. I also bought acidophilus and folic acid. After douching only once I inserted one acidophilus tablet in my vagina and took another one along with the folic acid orally. The next morning the discharge and odor were completely gone. I am thrilled!! I thought I'd be dealing with this problem forever. I'm going to continue to take both the acidophilus and folic acid daily to hopefully prevent ever having this problem again!


Keflex or the generic


He will not leave you because of BV i have had Bv since i Was 14 years old Im 28 now. I have been with the same man andhe has known since we were young. Even to this day I feel self conscious about it and I start distancing myself. Then I think its my hub but its really not him. Its my insecurity so with that said he may not be distancing himself. Im sure if men care about you they wont leave you just because of BV.


The only thing that will make him leave is if you keep letting the smell bother you, which leads to you not be confident. It's the confidence-lacking that will mess anything up. There were a lot of good tips in those garlic, put plain yogurt up there....good luck hun


The Health food store makes a capsule for the specific strain that causes b.v. I can't remember the name so here it hoes ' femi dolphis'. A hot pink box foundin the refrigerator at the health food store , must be refrigerated 24/ 7 !!!!!! . I did not get rid of b.v. but I can have sex without the smell filling the room. I do however still have the smell from the outside.
I believe half my problem is sold.but still looking for the other half.

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