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It's the day after Halloween and my 8 yr old did great with's 10:00 p.m. and she says her tooth no time at she has a full blown toothache and is crying how bad it hurts. I call E.R and of course no help. I start looking up home remedies for a I try the warm salt water and garlic salt luck but as I read ppl talk about vanilla extract...what do ya know she says' pain is less not that bad and could sleep now' to get some sleep.

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Vanilla extract is 40 % alcohol be careful giving it to little ones :-/

pain free for now

thanks!!!! this helped i have been in pain for 2days now..i have tryed tooth paste, lemon jucie, loratab 10s..and nothing pain was still there.. until i tryed the VANILLA!! i used a Qtip but ended up tipping the bottle up and letting it sit on my tooth for amin and spit it out... so far so good really took the pain away i need a nap feel so much better thanks again! :)

pain free for now



lemon extract works also!!! and Red Cross for tooth pain its in a little brown bottle can find it at walmart burns the pain away but OMG! it helps so much.. ill take the burn over my tooth hurting anyday! :)

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