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Worst heartburn ever - Hurts to inhale, arms and shoulders are burning and chest hurts so much, considering the ER. :(

Tried: Zantac 150 x 2, Pepcid, Tums (20), milk, baking soda, Alkaseltzer, yogurt, ginger, turmeric, ACV, pickle juice, two kinds of toothpaste, carbonated water, sore throat spray, honey, mustard,honeymustard, sugar, rice cake, apple, pineapple, Almond butter, magnesium, raisins, chamomile tea with lemon, mint tea, Mylicon, Gasalia, celery, and a pear.

It's been hours of one remedy after another. No longer considering ER but in far too much pain still to try to lay down. So tired. I wish I had gum, aloe juice, pine needles, saltines, or some Pepto to to try. Nothing was instant pain relief but I think the honey took it down a notch.

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Oh, my, that sound scary. Please look into eating Primal/Paleo and clean up your diet. Processed foods, and grains are big culprits in the heartburn game. Avoid at all costs.



Acidic food must not be your problem or you might have worsened it with the honey. Honey is very acidic.

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