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take a clean long sock, most likely a mens sock, put about a cup of rice in the sock and heat it in the microwave for about a min. then put it on the ear that is hurting and take some pain med. not only does this take away the pressure causing the pain but if you do this often enough it will drain the build up in your ear

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Why can't people comment on an ear treatment without using foul language? What's wrong with this world today? When I was young, it was said the use of foul language was a sign of ignorance, as that person knew no other way to express themselves.
I also can't help wondering why people have to scream out 'OMG!' at the drop of a hat. Do they realize that is using God's Name in vain, or do they care?
By the way, thank you for the ear remedy. It's helped a lot of people.


thisfeels so good


my daughter ear has been hurting since yesterday and i've tried the salt in a sock and it worked a little but it was very messy... im trying the rice now and it seem to be working im so happy to have came across this remedy!!! i guess it will hold us until we go see the dr. tommorrw THANKS SO MUCH!!!! AND ITS REALLY WORKING

Beth Jones

My husband just tried this and he said both ears have popped after holding the socks on his ears for about 2 minutes! He had pressure and pain for almost a about 3 or more days. It does work!


Thank you, this remedy is amazing. Sounded strange but had to try something! It worked. My kid was screaming all morning. After fighting with her for a few minutes, I finally got it on her ear, she stopped crying and fell asleep in about 15 minutes. Thank you so much!


I am 19, out on my own, have no health insurance, so I didn't know what I was going to do when I got an ear infection after being sick for days. I figured I was just going to have to suffer through it, but decided to see if my beloved internet could shed any relief on my situation. You said microwave a sock of rice, apply to ear. I did it. My ear feels a million times better. You saved my day. Thank You!


my 3 year old son was in so much pain and had been crying for hours, tried this and it worked so great, he finally feel asleep within min. i will use this remedie again....thank you!


im glad i found this remedy!. im 33wks pregnant and the drs dont really want to give out antibiotics and this really helped me. I couldn't sleep and within 20mins of using the sock i was asleep. I didn't want to try the alcohol and vinegar it just sounded scary and complicated.


I was unsure about trying this, but after having an ear ache all night and getting no sleep I tried it. I have to say that it didnt take all the pain away, but it at least made it bearable. Thanks.


Worked like a charm almost instantly. Interested in science behind this. A very relieved 4 yr old.

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