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take a clean long sock, most likely a mens sock, put about a cup of rice in the sock and heat it in the microwave for about a min. then put it on the ear that is hurting and take some pain med. not only does this take away the pressure causing the pain but if you do this often enough it will drain the build up in your ear

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Worked like magic! Within 5 minutes the pain had gone from agony to bearable, another five and it was gone!


My 5 year old son finally fell asleep with this. Thank you! I think I would microwave it for about 30 seconds next time. I will use this remedy for anything that needs back, neck... thank you!!


My 4 year old was up most of the night with an ear ache. I lookeD up many remedies ONLINE and it was the only thing I had at home. It worked in less than 10 minutes and my son was fast asleep. Thanks so much~~~


also works on body pain


Re the sock/rice remedy for ear problem. No riceat home so i used black eyed peas (all I had) 1 min is too long, peas and sock started to burn, but after they cooled a bit, I applied to my ear and sure enough it's feeling better already. Will be ssure go get rice the next time i go grocery shopping. thanks.


I have something called the 'Bed Buddy' for about 12 years. It's a microvable heat pack made of rice. I've been using it for craps forever, and it's worked great for my ear, too.


it works !

kitty cat

I guess it depends on how thick your sock is( i guess the thicker the sock is the longer you can put it in)but over all it is working thanks


Omg I have had an ear infection in both ears for over a month haven't made it to the dr because I work full time and have 2 children I have gone through 5 bottles of extra strengh advil and try stopped working so I have been lying on my couch and crying like a baby for over an hour I tried this and I immediatly felt less pressure and no pain at all while I have the sock to my ear and it's only been 5 mind
thank you


This remedy is wonderful! It is Christmas eve and my son is miserable with a ear ache. So, I saw this and decided to try it and it really worked. My son is now fast asleep. Heating the rice for one minute for kids is to much so we did 30 seconds and it worked like magic. Thanks sooooooo much

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