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take a clean long sock, most likely a mens sock, put about a cup of rice in the sock and heat it in the microwave for about a min. then put it on the ear that is hurting and take some pain med. not only does this take away the pressure causing the pain but if you do this often enough it will drain the build up in your ear

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My 6 year old daughter had a very bad ear ache. we tried a couple of things and nothing worked. Then we tried this remedy and she instantly stopped crying and was able to fall asleep. Thank you very much for this remedy.

Kevin, dad of four

Incredible. I was in so much pain that I was ready to try anything. I did the rice and sock remedy and it magically worked. My 9 year old thought I was crazy when he had to help me with holding the sock open to put the rice in. I am a believer! Thank you for sharing your remedy with all of us.


1 min is way too laong. I just tried it and my sock caught on fire! WTF? Is this a prank? I'm trying it again for 25 seconds. Hope it's worth it!


I did this. My sock had a hole in it, and now I got to know how do I get this rice out of my darn ear?


Thank you so much. My wife has been in such a bad mood because of the infection. I got to put my sock in her ear and she went to sleep. That was a perfect idea.


whoever did this sock remedy,THANKYOU a million-qazillionn timesz(:
My moms ear was hurtinq really bad, to the point where she didnt even want to qett up,so i qott online and found this.i was skeptical at first,but qave it a try. after aboutt five minutes she was already sayinqq she felt a L0T better and in about ten she was sound asleep.thankyouuu timesz infinity(:


Tried this first cause it seemed the easiest/harmless...took pain from 5 to 3...not bad. Combined w/ garlic oil (might not have made it right...used the microwave, 2 clugs of olive oil and 2 cloves of minced garlic, 3 drops. Will try again in morning. Ehh, debating on trying HydroPerox...but scared it'll be worse...what to do, ugh


I have heard of something similar with cornmeal in a clean dry dish towel but at this point I am trying it now and thank God it is working.


This is kind of a temporary cure but definitely takes the pain away while the sock is on the ear (never thought i would say that phrase). Whoever wrote this, you're my best friend right now!


I have had a terrible earache all morning, and I can't afford to miss a giant test tomorrow (and today is Sunday. So, I came across this...

And BOY DID IT HELP! I added a tab bit of garlic and onion powder to it (like stated in other remedies), and within a few minutes, pain and some pressure GONE!

P.s - The sock was REALLY HOT, so I had to wait a few minutes before the sock cooled down a little.

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