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take a clean long sock, most likely a mens sock, put about a cup of rice in the sock and heat it in the microwave for about a min. then put it on the ear that is hurting and take some pain med. not only does this take away the pressure causing the pain but if you do this often enough it will drain the build up in your ear

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ok, this site is great, you're the man. this works. a minute is way too hot though. if your microwave was made after say... 1990 then 30 seconds should be just fine


my ear was filled with wax after using the drops to remove the wax i ended up with an infection and at the er tried the lemon juice tried the vinegar tried the urine in my ear ( YUMMY) not even the pain pills they gave me at the er worked but the sock full of rice is helping but 1 minute is way to long

db in GA

CHEAP AND EASY!! It wasn't a total cure, but it really relieved the pressure from the ear infxn ... works for sinus congestion too as a warm compress over swollen sinus areas


I was just at the dr for an ear infection and was told heat is NOT good for an ear infections. He put me on an antibiotic and said to take Mucinex MD along with it.


I have had a very bad ear infection for over a week, My face has been swelling severely so I had been using ice packs, which was been painful. Anyway a couple of days ago I discovered this worked by accident when I had my husband heat up our rice sock for another reason. Instant relief, so since I was looking for other home remedies and saw this I had to post just to say it really works well. the rice sock has saved my sanity. It is temporary, but when your ear is hurting so bad, it is the best relief.

Thanks from Miami, Florida

It was 1:30 a.m. in the morning and my 2 year old woke up crying and complaining of an earache. I didn't have any drops and was desperate so I tried this home remedy from this site and it worked like a champ. Although he gave me trouble when I tried to put the sock on his ear at first, he is now fast asleep. Thank God for home remedies. We can all get rest.


woke up christmas day with a sore throat and painful inner ear infection. i take the medication coumadin and am not allowed to take over the counter pain relievers, so i was desperate enough to try anything. my boyfriend thought i was nuts when he saw me filling one of his tube socks with rice. this remedy was oddly soothing, however, and relieved the pressure in my ear very quickly. thanks to whoever posted this. i'll remember it forever.


I had acute middle ear infection on antibiotics and motrin still in need of some relief. I put a small heated rice bag on my ear for about 10-15 minutes. An hour later, my tympanic membrane burst! Don't try this on the affected ear if the pain is severe, you may rupture the tissue as well!


The biggest prob I have with doctors is that if you don't want meds to take care of a problem and you want a natural way to cure it they have no idea as they are only taught about medications. I will admit that this is a good way to relieve ear pressure and I'm glad I found it here. I could feel the liquid in my ear building up after getting a severe head cold that was running it's course. I mean I went to docs before getting ear infection and was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection but I'm pregnant and due any day now I don't want to go into labor with an ear infection after just about getting rid of the rest of the blasted cold. I also with being pregnant can't take just anything.


I tried this last night(2/5/09). The sock was warm and soothing. The fluids began to drain out of my ear, and within minutes my ear felt better. THANK you soooo............ much. I've shared this same remedy with all of my friends and co-workers.

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