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take a clean long sock, most likely a mens sock, put about a cup of rice in the sock and heat it in the microwave for about a min. then put it on the ear that is hurting and take some pain med. not only does this take away the pressure causing the pain but if you do this often enough it will drain the build up in your ear

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i finally got some sleep after being up till
four in the morning with an intense ear pain.

Gabriel Forero

Wow, thank you soooooooooooo much for the help. My 8 year old woke up crying with ear pain, gave him motrin and heated the sock and rice combo for 30 seconds, had him lay his ear on the sock for 15 min and the pain was gone. My name is Gabriel from U.S. Note Investors at thanks again and good night.


I was so cnfoused about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.


Can the rice sock be heated repeatedly, for those who have tried it? I am doing it now with also a lil bit oliveoil and pressed garlic (so juices will drip) heated but only to a warm heat not too hot, I wrapped in surgical gauze just touching me my inner lobe so it can leak a bit in hear.Not in canal !!!! Hoping to get some relief I know these are cures but if it can get me through till appt. Would help much. The rice sock definitely helps my pain was a 10 now about a five better than popping a lot of advil!!

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