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none of the suggestions I tried had a lasting effect. Dentist finally called and suggested 3 advil with 2 tylenol for pain and that actually worked! Can redo every 4-6 hrs...relief!

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taking that many pills in a few hours may help your pain, but is no good for your liver that sounds like a cheap way to ' for the time being' get rid of it but it can make other things in your body have worse problems later. next time try biting down on some clove on the area or tooth that hurts. and if all else fails you might have an infection and will need antibiotics

Mel W.

So far,I've been in pain so bad,I'd rather have simultaneous 10 lb twins with No anesthetic. I've tried almost all of the home remedies on at least 5 different sites. I have finally,for about 30-45 min been 90% pain free with 3 ibuprofen, 2 Tylenol, 3 shots of crown and a black tea bag(luizianne). Most important piece was the tea bag. It subsided the pain 75% until the pain relief and liquor kicked in. May not be orthodox,but I would have sold my soul to end my pain. Btw, I cut a coffee filter and placed the tea from the bag in a snuff like pouch so that it was more comfortable in my mouth. OMG I might be able to at least catch a nap now that the pain has subsided,since I slept none last night due to the Horrible agony I was in. Thank you luizianne and crown royal!!!!!


That's what my doctor told me to all those pills equals a Vicodin but with out feeling so high

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