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I have #35 and #36 with with cheek side cat 5 cavities with exposed nerves. No infection, just temperature sensitivity. Tried dozens of things, so here's what I found works best.

1. Put a dab of toothpaste on a saucer and mix garlic powder (not garlic salt) with it. Let it dry and harden for a few hours til chunky but not completely solid. Clean your big ol cavity with a dental pick and listerine, then pack the hardened toothpaste-garlic into it. Make sure you press it into the nerve hole a bit. Leave overnight. IT WORKS! and will last several days!

2. Get a quart/liter insulated mug with straw and put warm water at 99-100F in it. Squeeze about a 2 inch string (~.5ml) of any ol 20% benzocaine (oragel/anbesol) into it and mix. Sip slowly all day, holding and swishing each sip. I find this works much better than putting the benzocaine directly on the tooth. The cheapest in the US is probably the walmart Equate 'Orasol' so get several of the .35oz/9.35g tubes.

3. In my experience, the 'Senso-whatever' scam toothpaste (all are equal; 5% potassium nitrate) made the pain much WORSE, both immediately and long-term. I now use homemade toothpaste and it is so much better: mix calcium, baking soda, and coconut oil - that's the best, and that's all you need in any toothpaste. Of course, you can add benzocaine, peppermint oil, and/or garlic powder as needed.

4. If you suspect any infection (generally, a painful swelling), swish with listerine or vodka/gin/whisky after each (EACH!) meal and snack; and if possible, take 750mg metronidazole (Flagyl) TID for a week; follow with amoxicillin for a week, dose according to your weight and always split it up TID (three intervals daily). Gentomycin may also be helpful (can't hurt). Many of these you can get w/o a scrip, for animals, at your farm store. Just read the label for active ingredients then go on-line and look up dosing/weight info.

How it works:
1. The hardened paste with garlic will (a) insulate the exposed nerve from temp extremes; (b) numb nerves; (c) kill germs.
2. Benzocaine is the only anesthetic you can buy OTC at 20% - it kinda sucks - but I've used it topically when burning off my skin cancers with 1.8MHz RF at 400v/20watts RMS and cured several hundred skin cancers that way.
3. The metronidazole kills various protists, and the amox and gento kills nearly all types of bacteria. You can add tetracycline if you like - farm store Terramyicin, Aureomycin, Duramycin... Aureomyicin/Sulmet with kill damn near anything way too small to see, and gentomycin will finish off the rest..

But I digress, a bit. Back at exposed nerves, your job, in the meanwhile, is to insulate them from extremes -- that's pretty damn painfully obvious!

You're gonna need something (a) anesthetic and (b) stable enough to stay put for a while -- preferably at least a whole day or more. So stop flopping around like a helpless hypoxic obamaite and cram some crap in your rotten tooth and stop bitchin!

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great info and thank you. For those of us with no insurance, farm feed and livestock store, here I come.


Awful information. Your suggestion of going to the farm store to pick up antibiotics is downright dangerous. Gentamicin and diflucan are BOTH things you should not be using for a toothache. Gentamicin is both known to be hepato and nepharotoxic. When they're dosed in hospitals there is DAILY monitoring of blood work. Animals and humans are not the same. I advice everyone who reads this site to be careful and remember that your primary care is the best source of information on how to deal with medical issues.


I don't care what the last guys said thank you so much I used the toothpaste and garlic I haven't been able to sleep in days now thanks to your advice it formed a temporaray cap til I can get into the VA.


THANK you so much!


This article is bs. There are no tooth numbers 35 and 36. Post facts please.


Please do not take antibiotics without a prescription and under a doctors care. Medication used for animals is not the same as used for humans and unless you are trained you can easily overdose. This is how antibiotic resistant super bugs are created, by taking medication that is unnecessary. 3-4 antibiotics for a toothache, have fun with your diarrhea and yeast infection.

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