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I had 3 warts on the shaft of my penis.
My doctor froze them, they went away, and then they came back.
I bought a freeze kit at the grocery store, I froze them. They went away, and 3 months later they came back.

I found this web site and I tried apple cider vinegar.
I really soaked these warts. I cut off a little piece of a bath towel, 2x2 inches.
I soaked this in acv and let it set for 30 minutes. Then, I wrung it out and put more acv on it, and re applied.
Total 2 hours of soaking.
I did this for 3 days.
On the third day the warts began to turn white.
A day later, they turned black.
A day later they scabbed up. Then the scabs fell off and it made these terrible looking sores. These scabbed over in a few days. A week later it healed up completely.

Three months later the warts are gone and there is no sign of them.

Apple cider vinegar is the hammer of the genital warts! Yes, on the second day it stung, and on the third day it burned and hurt. Come on, don't be a wimp! You want to make an omlet you gotta break some eggs!
Thank God for this web site and the good advice on acv. I believe it will destroy any genital wart if you are willing to soak it for 6 hours.

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The Skinhale company is getting a little carried away with all their ads on this forum.
Some of their ads say that ACV will not work! This is a lie.

I don't know if Skinhale works or not but since they are dishonest, I don't trust them.
ACV is so cheap and easy to use. Give those damn warts a good soaking and the warts will go away.


okay so im a 13 year old girl and I have 9ne and I honestly don't know how I got it like I would never do something as nasty as having intercourse wth someone I mean c9me 9n im 13 and so I was just wondering how much it hurt because im really scared to do it but I knowi hsve to and yeah

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