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April M.

I've seen my doctor for yeast over 15 times in the past 3 years. I've ruined my liver with the secretly lethal DIFLUCAN.. My GYN legally cannot prescribe it to me anymore. Over $2000 wasted in speciality co-pays, monistat products & prescriptions. Every time this dreadful recurring curse called yeast 'clears up'... The raggedy bitttch comes back within 2 weeks TOPS.

I'm so DESPERATE for relief that I wish I could rip out my vagina and throw it away FOREVER. I don't need the bs.

I have tried everything you can think of BUT GARLIC. I happen to have some in my fridge right now as I suffer and type this. Will be using the GARLIC right now. If it helps me, the aggressive yeast queen.... I will come back and say so.

April, 26 y/o, first-time mommy to be, Washington DC

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I'm so sorry to hear about what you are going through! I had also tried everything and the only one that worked is garlic. It seems so strange to stuff a clove of garlic in your vagina but seriously, it works. I used to use OTC antifungals and spent so much money on them and diflucan only to have it come back in a week or two. So frustrating now to know I had the only thing that worked was right in my cupboard all along. Treat an infection with garlic by peeling a clove, scoring a few lines in it and threading it with a piece of thread (I found I don't need to do this as my body naturally expels it the next morning with minimal effort but I wouldn't wing it the first time). Then insert as high as possible into your vagina before bed, with the thread hanging out. In the morning, pull it out and flush it. If it's a bad infection, repeat for 2 more nights. If you can catch them early, only 1 night is necessary. It will take a few days after treatment to completely feel better but you should feel relief right from the start. You WILL taste garlic shortly after you insert. It's weird but not strong. At the same time, immediately start taking probiotics and prebiotics to boost your healthy bacteria. I take 15B probiotic twice a day and a TSP of Inulin (prebiotic) in my breakfast shake. Don't stop doing this ever. It's been keeping my yeast in check for months... no more infections! Best of luck and I hope you can beat this soon!

worry free yeast

Been suffering for months now one solution detox.... drink fresh juice vegtables... i 100 percnet assure u it will be gone use betadine feminine wash for itching ....i hope i can help to those who can read this i hope it can help because i tried every single medincine until finallt decided to detox and here i am happy now....


Have you ever tried probiotics? Acidophilus generally works to help prevent them.


Chronic yeast infections may be indicative of a latex allergy. If you use latex condoms, I would suggest getting an alternative (non latex condoms are readily available) and see if yeast infections stop occurring.


Have you tried eating a gluten free diet? If you can avoid breads and sugar...those are the two WORST things for yeast (they feed it!).

It sounds like you're gluten intolerant and instead of're getting yeast infections. Read the book Wheat Belly. (PS, heartburn might be coming your way too, which is also resolved by eliminating wheat.)


Have you tried oil of oregano? Stick a couple capsules up there, the capsule will dissolve and the yeast sticks to it. clean it out in a day or two, however you want to. I also agree with the gluten free diet! I stay away from beer alot too. There are definitely gluten free alcohols. Alcohol seems to give me YI's :/ and if you take oil of oregano capsules daily that should help prevent. It's a great anti fungal.

Brenda H.

After three Yeast Infections, nor right after the next my doctor took blood and tested for numerous things. About an hour later my husband called me and asked if I was ready to go to the ER, I had no idea what he was talking about, and he said the Doctor told him to take me to the ER immediately. My sugar was astronomically high. As it turns out I was diabetic and didn't know it and my sugar and carb consumption was growing yeast like there was no tomorrow. I had tried the yeast, yogurt, vinegar, itch creams etc. my butt actually had a yeast infection, who knew lol.
I guess my point is if you have many yeast infections, get your blood tested, especially for Diabeties. I started out with five to six injections a day, I think the yeast was my body telling me I wasn't well. I would also recommend no sugar, alcohol and carbs while fighting yeast Good luck ladies.

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