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I got ringworm about 3 months ago, most likely from one of the machines at the gym. It started out as a rash on my back and stayed that way for about a month. I didn't realize it was ringworm so I didn't really mess with it. But then it started spreading to my stomach and legs. After about a month or two from when the first rash appeared, I went to the doctor, who told me it was ringworm.

I tried lotrimin, which didn't work. I tried the nail polish method, which showed a little improvement, but didn't really get rid of the rashes. I tried washing with sulfur soap, which didn't really work. I tried combining all the methods in one, which also didn't work.

What actually worked was Blue Star ointment. I was skeptical because I hadn't really seen it mentioned elsewhere except for this forum. But after 2 or so weeks of using it my ringworm is almost completely gone. My skin is really sensitive to it though and every time I apply it, I ironically get these very red rashes that stay for about an hour and then go away. But I'd rather have some rashes for an hour than ringworm forever.

In addition the blue star ointment, I also have been using a blow dryer after showers to dry myself off, as opposed to a towel. Towels are more likely to spread the rashes around.

Hope this helps.

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Where did you purchase that ointment?


You can buy at any drug store. Walgreen has it.

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