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Ok so i rewd through all these remedies and some of them may work for some people but For me puttin . Something in the hole in my tooth scared me a little bit because at this point i was looking for a fight so i could lean into it and hopefully knoxk the tooth out...or pull a tom hanks in castaway and use an ice skate and rock! I had very good dental insurance as a child like most but as an adult who is a stay at home mother and receive social security from my husbands passing for my 3 teenage daughters we dont have dental now and do not qualify for state medical insurance. My tooth pain was so bad it would actually bring me to my knees. Now i know everyone reaches for the pain meds and you could take 1000mg of morphine and it will not help.. so stop searching for pain meds. Motrin helps with the inflammation but no relief... call your family and friends and beg.for any antibiotics they.may have laying around. This will take a day but is a miracle i have bad genes thanks to my parents (wh. Would think) i have lost most of the enamial on my teeth for years of being vain and using whitening strips so i use sensodine a few times a day juat because ihave to and still for me the thought of putting tooth paste into an.expised hole that makes me want to slam my face againt the cement steps scared me so.i didnt try it.. so after reading about the chloraseptic spray i tried it...granted with a cup of warm salt water standing by just in case it didnt work and i was close to black out with the pain....IT WORKED!! Hands down best thing i have used for this pain... the warm salt walter has worked forthe last few weeks untill i guess my tooth rebelled against me!! So for those of us who dont and pray the tooth will fall out.or who cant get to a dentist asap please try the throat spray.. I WILL BET MY LIFE THAT YOU WILL HAVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF.. and the only way i can.describe the pain i felt was like being electrocuted! Or when you stick a fork in the toaster to get a stuck bagel out get shocked except in your face...good luck all hope it wworks and you can get some sleep!! CHLORASEPTIC SHOULD MARKET THIS SPRAY AS SORE THROAT/TOOTH PAIN RELIEF!!

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I know this post is ages old but I must comment. the description of pain, as well thinking traumatic techniques in removing it.
I pass kidney stones like a champ, this tooth acts up and I feel like getting into a fist fight, like you said.
anyhow, I'm sitting here with a inflamed jaw and bloody murderous tooth pain. my boyfriend said, how about chloraseptic?
so here I was looking into that idea. ( it made sense but checking if any bad reactions.
so thank you for your post. you not only put my mind at ease that I'm not crazy for sadistic ways to end tooth pain
b. giving validation to what my boyfriend thought about
about to get me some chloraseptic


Thank you so much i have been in so much pain i just tried it and it worked thank you so much.


Dang Janine. You're a tough chick! Thanks for your post. But, sticking a fork in a toaster? Major LMAO! Thanks again. Tooth pain though is no laughing matter.

Andy in Pain

Walmart sells the same thing with the Equate brand at half the price. Ya it works great. Anbesol takes forever (Equate brand here too) but does eventually help. This spray is very quick, I think because you can spray it right onto the nerve. Anyone try clove oil ?

Andy in Pain

oh btw, for those without dental insurance, many places have free clinics, and some of those handle dental work. it may take a few days to get in, especially if you need a root canal, but the price is right.


I have done this. It really works!

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