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Robert Hartley

I have read through all 127 threads (13 pages) posted to date on the subject but nobody has mentioned a common known outdoor cure for fleas here in Australia being lime powder sold where ever you buy cement powder.
We live in a bad flea infested area, even households without pets have these bloody fleas. If walked under our house you would have thousands of fleas over you within seconds. So bad they looked like you were wearing black socks even though you are bare foot.
I spread lime powder under our house and it killed or drove away the fleas although many came up though the floor boards and we had to flea-bomb the house.
This worked for a couple of years but the area is so bad that over time more fleas have taken their place. However it was a much cheaper alternative to all of the chemicals I had previously bought from the farmer's produce place on a regular basis.

Just wondered why lime hasn't been mentioned in this subject at all. I hope it helps.

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Just clarify for me plee is lime fine for your dog? What if they ingest it? And can you put it on them


How do I know this is safe


What is lime powder?


It works we have done this!


Does it hurt your dogs? My Blue Heeler had puppies and the fleas are so bad under our porch. Can it hurt the puppies?


Farmers have use lime for years for flys and bugs in the garden our dogs never got flees. We spread lime over the yard helped control bugs and good for your lawn. In the root cellar for flys.


my son used the lime powder in his house and it really worked. for the first time i have ticks in the house, i have used other things but i am ready to use the lime. thank you so much for the info,.


where can you purchase lime? not like a lemon or orange I' am assuming this is more of a granule product??? like salt.


Use pennyroyal its a plant, if u plant the yard it helps


Line is a mineral you use to change the acidity of soil. Commonly used around fruit trees. I'm going to try that on our yard. I am finding some flees here.

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