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hi there, im 15 years old and ive had stretch marks for about 6 months. i hated my body so much when i got them, i had them on my bum, down my right leg and one or two on my hips, and i am telling you now ladies you CAN get rid of them you just have to stay strong and not give up

anyway i have found a remedy that has been working brilliantly for me, all my stretch marks are almost gone and i think by the end of the year they will be gone :D here is what i did

1) EXFOLIATE- this takes dead skin cells of revealing newer softer skin underneath
2) DERMA ROLLER-this is the best weapon you can get, they are very very cheap, i put 'buy it now' and 'cheapest first' into ebay and i bough the cheapest one i could find which was about £2 and it honestly is a saviour, for people who dont know what it is it is basically a handled spiky thing that you roll over your stretch marks, it breaks down the scar tissue that is the stretchmark and allows creams to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin, depending on your pain threshhold and where you roll it can be very painful, on my bum it wasnt painful but on the back of my leg was VERY painful, but i bought numbing cream and that means i cant feel it anymore, DO NOT derma roll too often once every two weeks should be okay
3) USING A LOTION OR CREAM- i have used many different creams in the past but i didnt use them for long because i was too impatient to see results but i tried something the really worked for me, i mixed half of vicks vapour rub with half of a cream called 'skin doctors stretch away cream' you might want to use something else because it is a little expensive, but this what worked for me, i rubbed it thickly onto the stretch mark area and wrapped it in cling film, and then slept in leggings. although i have been dermarolling for about 4 months i have found that using the cream and vicks vapour rub was really effective, i did the precedure of putting the cream on for about 3 days and i have seen AMAZING results most of them are completely gone on the back of my leg and off my bum, still working on the slightly deeper ones but im 100% sure i'll get rid of them

results of this may vary from person to person, it could take different lengths of time to see results for different people, JUST DONT GIVE UP

i hope this works for you all ladies as i know how depressed and sad they can make you, hopefully you should see some sort of results

i wish you luck!:)

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